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ventilated children find a home - a place of protection and warmth
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Kinderhaus AtemReich

Breathing, speaking, moving around independently are things that most people don’t have to think about. Moving or walking independently, expressing needs or breathing independently are either not or only partly possible for the children in the Kinderhaus AtemReich and with support. To give these children a home, the children’s house AtemReich was founded in 2006. It is our ission to enable the children, despite their illness or handicap, to live normal, child-friendly and dignified lives. Parents and siblings of the children who live at the Kinderhaus can be with their children and siblings at any time.


Who lives in the Kinderhaus AtemReich?

In the Kinderhaus AtemReich live 18 children who are ventilated and need interdisciplinary intensive care.

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Who’s there for the kids?

An interdisciplinary team of specialists makes it their business to accompany the children on their path through life with a lot of competence and commitment.

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What makes the Kinderhaus AtemReich special?

Contentment, well-being and happiness determine the life in the Kinderhaus AtemReich

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How do the children live?

The everyday life of the children does not differ too much from the everyday life of healthy children.

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Every child has the right to be happy!