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At the AtemReich children’s home, everything revolves around our respiratory testers. These are currently 18 children who  and require interdisciplinary intensive care. Since our founding in 2006, it has been our mission at  AtemReich to enable these children to live a life as fulfilling, child-friendly and dignified as possible. Away from intensive care units and the hectic hospital routine, we offer a place where they can grow up and develop. With us you have enough time for the individual care of the children. 

We are an interdisciplinary team of specialists who accompany the children on their journey through life with a great deal of competence and commitment. This is because our care concept is holistic and includes medical, nursing, educational, therapeutic, psychological and social-family aspects. 

If you’re looking for more time to live the nursing profession the way we all, we have the job for you. 


You enable to live a life as normal and childlike as possible, despite their illness or disability. 

The task of the nurses in the team is to shape the children’s daily lives and to support them where care and assistance are needed: in basic care, in managing ventilation or in secretion management. 

The individual planning and the documentation of the care is also part of your tasks. You can while accompanying the children in everyday activities: While playing freely and relaxing in our garden, experiencing wind and weather, going on excursions, splashing, splashing, singing and playing.  All the children’s senses and lead them to the greatest possible independence, always with your professional eye on the health situation and the children’s possibilities. 


  • Three years of training as a specialist in nursing or as a special education aide 
  • Joy of and cordiality in dealing with children who need a little more time for everything than other children 
  • Positive attitude to life 
  • Appreciation also for the small progress 
  • Sense of responsibility – the highest level of care is required at our company 
  • A spirit of adventure and creativity, whether musical, technical, organizational, artistic – we give room for personality development 
  • Experience (or great desire for new experiences) with special children. 
  • An international team – if your professional profile fits and you have a heart for special children, we will support you in reaching the language level B2 


  • A detailed and planned onboarding 
  • Compensation that is aligned with the civil service and allows room for individual supplements 
  • Individual duty scheduling that also takes your personal schedule into account 
  • An employer-funded pension plan 
  • Support with recognition procedures 
  • Supervision or personal coaching 
  • Further education and training (all costs are covered by us) 
  • Online language courses in working time 
  • The possibility of individual target agreements 
  • Support in the search for housing or even temporary housing to look for their own apartment in peace and quiet 
  • Offers of the “PME Family Service” (e.g. individual consultations in life and education issues) 
  • Time for you and your concerns and for your further development 
  • Group leaders who have time for you and your concerns 
  • Annual employee appraisals 
  • Team days where the focus is on fun 
  • Tax-free benefits in kind (you will receive a credit card from us, which we will “fill” regularly and on special occasions) 
  • Many advantages and work facilitation through digital media (you can, if you like, also access many things from home, get information, participate in meetings or trainings – this is of course working time!) 
  • And many nice colleagues who are looking forward to meeting you! 

 We look forward to meeting you soon at the AtemReich children’s house! 


Felicitas Hanne

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