You want to help – but don’t know how?

We would be pleased if you chose something from our “wish list” – here we have listed concrete and helpful things that we could immediately use … (We can also issue a donation receipt for donations in kind if you can prove the value of the donated item by means of a receipt.)

If you have any questions about which item, manufacturer or name it should be, please call us. Phone: 089 41 11 936 10.

Of course, you can also transfer money for a specific purpose.


A summer with animals

Last year there was the project “A summer with animals” at Kinderhaus AtemReich. The visits to Moni’s small animal farm put a smile on the faces of our children. In order for our children to be able to enjoy numerous visits from Andy the Cock, Nacho the Alpaca and the many other fluffy helpers from Moni’s small animal farm in 2018, we need your support. If your interest has been aroused and you would like to donate us a unit, you can transfer an amount of your choice with the keyword “animal project” to us, we will then use the donation earmarked for a unit with “Moni´s small animal farm.”


Weatherproof Outdoorcape

It’s our wish that our older children have access to such a great and practical (unfortunately also very expensive) Rainjacket / Raincape. It is easy to put on and take off that it makes everyday life easier for our carers and our children. And they are also so beautifully colorful! Price: 199,90 -239,90 €




Because there are always things that we need and need to be ordered quickly, we would be very happy to receive a voucher (e.g. Amazon, Toys4us, DM, Rossmann, H&…)!



Power Link

With the Powerlink, children can stir the mixer while baking cakes, turn their favorite music on and off, control lighting effects, turn on the bubble machine, and much more. Every electrical device can be operated by the children at the touch of a button, thus enabling them to participate in a wide range of everyday activities. Price: 295 €.



Time timer

For many children, time management is the first step towards independence. Only when “elapsed time” is clearly understood can time efficiency be promoted. With the TimeTimer you are able to see and “feel” the passing of time, while the red disc clearly shows the remaining time. Price: 48 €



Table mirror

Many of our children have no direct access to food. They are indirectly fed with food by stomach tube. It is a great concern to give our children the opportunity to change this situation. Our children should be given access to normal food by means of taste stimulation with a speech therapist. Here a mirror is an important detail that can support success, both for the observation of oneself and for the control of the taste stimulator.  Price: 42,95


Mini Massager

Massage, feel, observe! Price: 15,95 €.



chain of lights

With the chain of lights the children’s room is enchanted into a soft and comfortable oasis, which invites to dream and be happy. Price: 11,88 €




contrast balls

The different patterns and sounds are used to promote the children in their own individual way. Even visually impaired children can recognize, feel and hear something due to the high-contrast design. So perfect for our little ones!  Price: 69,90 €.



double peziball

The double pizziball is ideal for therapy work with our children, as it sharpens the sense of balance and promotes motor skills. Our therapists can sit on the ball and practice the movements with the children. Price: from 31,95



Little bell (musical instruments – hand bell)

With these little helpers, which can be placed around arm or leg joints for ergotherapeutic support, the children playfully learn what happens when they move their right arm or left leg, for example, because a bright, cheerful bell sounds and encourages the children to continue. Price: 4,90 €



Double sided mirror

Every kid wants to see himself. Mobile mirrors offer this possibility. Price: 35 €.



Discussable brackets

Everyone wants to be heard – with this little help, our children can also be given an audible voice. Price: 12,95 €.