Kinderhaus AtemReich is home to eighteen children who are ventilated and need interdisciplinary intensive care. For various reasons, the children cannot be cared for at home. In Kinderhaus AtemReich, these children find a family home from infancy until they reach school age.

We want the children who live with us to enjoy life, to play, to learn, to develop, to discover the world – all this is possible with us. In a comprehensive approach, we combine pedagogical, medical and nursing aspects, promotion and therapy.

Our goal is not to reduce children, despite their illness, impairments or need of care, to what they cannot do – but instead to accept them as fully-fledged fellow human beings and to enable them, according to their individual potential, to participate in social life. All children who are cared for here are offered a living environment which corresponds as adequately as possible to that of healthy children of the same age.