Who is AtemReich for?

Kinderhaus AtemReich is home to eighteen children who are ventilated and need interdisciplinary intensive care. For various reasons, the children cannot be cared for at home. In Kinderhaus AtemReich, these children find a family home from infancy until they reach

What are we doing?

Cooperation with the parents of the children cared for in Kinderhaus AtemReich is a priority of ours. The families are experts of their children. The families’ experience and the knowledge help us to implement individual care, support and therapy as

Who’s there for the kids?

As a team of nursing, pedagogical and therapeutic specialists, we work together multidisciplinary at the Kinderhaus AtemReich for the benefit of the children.  In a family atmosphere, we create a life-affirming, supportive, dignified and child-friendly place to live.

medical care

The children are regularly medically cared for by private practice doctors and specialists from various disciplines. In addition, the pediatricians of the Third Order Clinic are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How do the kids live?

The rooms are designed to be stimulating so that the children develop their own activities and experience playful learning utilizing all their senses. Single or double rooms, a common living room and a garden offer plenty of space for common

holiday care

For parents, whose children live at home, we offer temporary childcare. The temporary admission of the children is intended to give the families time off and time to gather strength. During this time, the children naturally benefit from our holistic