‘Giving hope in difficult situations’

Musik schenkt Lächeln e.V. visits Kinderhaus AtemReich.

The association Musik schenkt Lächeln visited Kinderhaus AtemReich to make music together with our children. As part of their “Smile Tour”, the volunteer musicians travel through Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria from the end of October to the beginning of December to give children a moment of joy through music, regardless of their life situation.

The fact that a visit by the musicians is an unforgettable experience for children was also demonstrated in Munich: Even when the team entered the room and set up their musical instruments, the children were visibly excited. When the first notes of children’s songs such as “Pippi Longstocking” or “The Monkeys Race through the Forest” were finally tuned in, the children’s enthusiasm was clearly noticeable. “With our children’s songs we especially want to give a smile to sick and needy children”, explained Ralf Armbruster, the first chairman of the association. In addition to modern and classical children’s songs, self-written songs such as the tour song “Ich schenk dir ein Lächeln” have been added. The specially composed pieces were also well received at the AtemReich children’s home: The children and their carers had a lot of fun. Already for the third time the musicians visited us. “It is always a great feeling to see the power that music has, how it connects and how it gives great joy to the severely handicapped children” (Hanna Fleckenstein).

The musicians have also dedicated the pirate song “JoHeHo” to their performances in various institutions: It is a journey over a treasure with exciting encounters. For the musicians, the visit to the AtemReich children’s home was also a success, which can be measured for them above all by the joy of the children: “It is wonderful to be able to put a smile on their faces”, the musicians said with satisfaction, “this confirms our voluntary commitment”.